ONEEF is a National Observatory on Economic and Financial education. It was founded in 2016 by an inter-university pool of scholars and practitioners with different disciplinary background (economists, sociologist, pedagogists, psychologist…). It has tre main goals:

a) to monitor with a standardize procedure all the project on financial and economic education run in Italy and provide public data for free to
those who are interested in the field;

b) to provide guidelines to improve the quality of the design of financial education projects;

3) to sustain networking among public, private and ONG subjects which run economic and financial education projects in Italy and, if possibile, abroad.


15 indicators were developed in order to improve the design of effective financial education projects. The indicators focus on 5 areas: goals, targets, networking, materials, programmes. Each area has detailed questions to help teachers designing an effective project (for example “Are the goals following the S.M.A.R: T. model?”; “Do you know the level of recipients’ financial literacy ?“; “What kind of monitoring or evaluation come along with the project?”). Download here the draft.